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Mapping the Tradition
Mapping the Tradition is a series of brief, compact guides to pivotal thinkers in Christian history. Each volume in this series focuses on a particular figure, providing a concise but lucid introduction to the central features of each thinker’s work and sketching the lasting significance of that thinker for the history of Christian theology.
As well, the series utilizes primary source works from each figure as an entry point for exposition and exploration. Guided by leading scholars in history and theology, primary source texts are reproduced with explanatory commentary, and are accompanied by orientational essays on the context, contours, and historical and conceptual legacy of the corpus.
The series is designed for beginning and intermediate students, as well as interested general readers, who will benefit from clear, helpful surveys of thinkers, texts, and theologies from throughout Christian history and from introductions to major issues and key historical and intellectual points of development.

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