Youth Culture and Pedagogy in the Twenty-First Century | Rowman & Littlefield
Youth Culture and Pedagogy in the Twenty-First Century
This series critically investigates and informs the construction of identity through the study of various forms of contemporary media, and will expand the notions of critical media literacy and its implications for multiple understandings of culture and youth. Popular culture (including media texts) is one of the primary sites of education for our youth, so it is crucial for those scholars involved in critical media studies to discuss these issues in book form. How do multiple interpretations of popular culture within conceptualizations of media enhance our understandings of education, and how can critical pedagogy, in the Freirean sense, be expanded to develop a student's critical consciousness of the works (books, films, games, social media, etc.) that surround them in popular culture? The books in this series tackle those tough questions and others in youth pedagogy.

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