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War and Society in Modern American History
War has long been an integral part of United States history, shaping our national identity, conferring upon us our independence, settling the question of slavery in a divided nation, and propelling us to leadership on the world stage. Yet war equally has left an indelible impact in less positive ways, commanding substantial portions of our national budget, often dominating our approach to foreign policy, and disrupting societies abroad in devastating ways. This series aims to move beyond traditional military history focusing on commanders, campaigns, and battles. Rather, the works within the War and Society in Modern American History series aspire to evaluate how our society has gone to war, experienced war, and, perhaps most importantly, grappled with the social consequences of war. We therefore welcome original proposals and manuscripts on a wide array of themes—cultural, gender, religious, intellectual, and environmental to name but a few—that explore the connections between the human phenomenon of war and American society in the modern era.

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