Villains and Creatures: Critical Perspectives on Cultural Tropes
This series offers enlightening, updated, and original interpretations of those inimical, villainous figures that have animated and haunted the popular imagination and literature in the past centuries, from their origins in folklore, myths, and fairytales to the modern adaptations of them in contemporary cinema and popular culture. Each volume in this series focuses on one type of figure and traces its presence from Gothic and horror narratives to other media and genres, including, for example, the epic genre, science fiction, and adventure narratives. The series includes both monographs and edited collections on figures ranging from mythical creatures like werewolves and dragons to folkloristic characters like witches and ghosts to futuristic figures like cyborgs and aliens. The books in this series are particularly interested in exploring transmedial migrations and mutations of the figures in question. Through this focus on transmediality, the series produces insightful contributions to a variety of disciplines, including cultural studies, philosophy, film studies, literature, religion, anthropology, sociology, social theory, gender studies, and others.

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