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Transforming Literary Studies
This series is dedicated to exploring how our reading and understanding of literature and culture within modernity is continually about “going beyond.” It focuses on the modern and contemporary experiences of literature and the critique of literary studies arising from them at the crossroads of disciplines, traditions, and cultures where the politics and aesthetics of historical embeddedness emerge across such determinants. Works in the series encourage us to rethink the strictures and limitations of modelling literature and literary studies upon one static paradigm because literature cannot have a life without “crossing boundaries”—being ever mobile, transitive, and transmuting. The series acknowledges that literary studies today is a transformative site. It is committed to deciphering, discovering, and conceptualizing anew a variety of embeddings in such sites through a deep and fresh reading of texts from across world literature (both in English and translation), theory, and cultural events.

Editor(s): Ranjan Ghosh (, Daniel T. O'Hara
Advisory Board: Muhsin Jassim Al-Musawi, Keya Ganguli, Jean Michel Rabate, Karen Thornber, Timothy Campbell, Bill Ashcroft, Paul Giles, Bruno Clement, T J O Clark, Donald E. Pease, Priya Joshi, Diana Brydon, Thomas Docherty, Vesna Goldsworthy, and Susan Stanford Friedman
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