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Transnational Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies
The goal of this interdisciplinary series will be to connect communication and critical/cultural studies by featuring critical inquiry that focuses on economic, cultural, social, and political practices in everyday life and mediated texts. However, this critical inquiry and analysis employ the standpoint of communication. This series will promote critical analysis and reflection on important social and cultural issues, including diversity, reflexivity, political systems, gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality/gender issues, class, ability, nationalism, globalization, postcolonialism, immigration, and youth.

Books in this series aim to represent academic rigor, rhetorical self-reflexivity, methodological and theoretical innovations, and thematic and topical relevance in their orientation. They will analyze historical and contemporary culture; cultural, social, economic, and material conditions; power dynamics within local, national, and global cultures and social institutions; practices of resistance, cultural re-appropriation, and social justice; and cultural, social, material, political, and economic dimensions of everyday life.

Scholars who can address these issues will offer international and global perspectives. This series invites critical inquiry into the concepts of power, hegemony, agency, identity, cultural/social change, and social justice in cultural practices. It is open to contributions from scholars working within qualitative and critical/cultural methods (including ethnographic methods, performance, narrative, and textual and discourse analysis), as well as scholars working in sexuality/gender/queer studies, race studies, globalization, postcolonial studies, ethnographic methods, visual culture studies, media studies, and film studies insofar as their research intersects with communication and cultural studies.

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