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Studies in Medieval Literature
The field of medieval literature continues to attract interest as we discover ever-newer perspectives and levels of meaning. The growing number of young and seasoned medievalists bringing innovative approaches to the study medieval literature needs a publication forum for their works. Our new book series invites scholars to publish their most powerful, exciting, and forward-looking studies, which will thus become an excellent platform for Medieval Studies at large.

This new book series invites medievalist scholars to submit their research in the form of book-length manuscripts. In particular, we would like to invite proposals for projects that take interdisciplinary, ecocritical, gender studies, xenology, or communicative approaches to the study of medieval literature. We welcome monographs on medieval women’s literature; comparative aspects of medieval literature in different languages or from different national, cultural or religious backgrounds; projects that apply space- and time-oriented or animal studies approaches to literature of the medieval era; and projects in the field of manuscript studies, textual analysis, and interdisciplinary literary studies.

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