Social Justice and Equity in Contemporary Sport
Sports influence society and are influenced by society. Sports are not only a form of entertainment or means of escaping from everyday routines, but also a social institution. As a social institution, sport is influenced by all the -isms that affect society as a whole, including racism, sexism, classism, as well as other societal ills, such as intimate partner violence, xenophobia, and homophobia, among others. This series seeks to address how these issues affect sport and athletes, as well as the sociological and contemporary efforts to create a more equitable environment in any area of sport, from the grassroots level to professional and Olympic sports, and in related industries. This series will focus on multiple social justice issues at all levels of sport with an emphasis on creating more equitable spaces.

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Advisory Board: • Joseph Cooper, University of Massachusetts-Boston • C. Keith Harrison, University of Central Florida • Ellen Staurowsky, Ithaca College • Stanley Brooks, University of Arizona • Darron Smith, University of Memphis • A. Lamont Williams, San Jose State University
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