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The Lexington Series in Historical Ethnomusicology: Deep Soundings
This book series features rigorous, cutting-edge research that probes music of the past and mechanisms of sociomusical change. We champion innovative approaches and diverse methodologies, ranging from archival and oral histories, to syntheses of organological and music-archeological findings, to computational studies of musical evolution across decades, as well as novel interpretations of non-western music philosophy. We also feature original works that synthesize the oeuvre of influential scholars whose publications are primarily in languages other than English. Books in this series offer theoretically robust presentations of unique discoveries, written in lucid prose appropriate for liberal arts colleges and universities, as well as professional researchers.

Editor(s): David G. Hebert and Jonathan McCollum
Staff editorial contact: Courtney Morales (
Activism through Music during the Apartheid Era and Beyond: When Voices Meet
Lexington Books • July 2021 • Monograph