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Lexington Studies in Contemporary Rhetoric
This series seeks to expand traditional notions of persuasion. In so doing, we recognize a fruitful potential to complicate formalized pathways through which various knowledges—academic and otherwise—become revised, authorized, distributed, and challenged. While a broad range of topics fall within the domain of "contemporary rhetoric," we especially welcome manuscripts related to intersectional identities, digital activism, post-Trumpian discourses, environmental justice, and the built environment (along with its various aftermaths). Reflecting an open invitation for voices and topics to inspire a wide range of ongoing conversations, we encourage the development and application of newly conceived and interdisciplinary methods, with particular focus on clarity and transferability. Ultimately our goal is to produce books that are vividly written, theoretically rich, and broadly accessible.

Editor(s): Andrew F. Wood (andrew.wood@sjsu.edu)
Staff editorial contact: Nicolette Amstutz (namstutz@rowman.com)