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Lexington Research in Sports, Politics, and International Relations
This series publishes cutting-edge research in the development and political significance of sport around the world. Sport and international relations share a complex relationship. Sport offers a heady mix of ideological and political soft power, nation building, imperial power, developmental goals, and global prestige for newly ascending nations. At the same time sport is an active agent on the world stage. Presenting interdisciplinary work from established and social scientists, this series endeavors to make a critical contribution to academia and the wider field of sport and political science. The series will seek to explore, develop and apply different perspectives and theoretical and methodological innovations in the field of international relations applied to sport. Key themes that the series covers include: globalization and sport; sport policy and politics; sport and gender; politics and mega-events; sport and media; race, ethnicity, and sport; inclusion and exclusion in sport; sport governance; sport and development; the consumption of sport; conflict resolution and sport; sport and foreign policy; and, sport and identity.

Editor(s): Christos Kassimeris, European University Cyprus (C.Kassimeris@euc.ac.cy) and Peter Kennedy, Glasgow Caledonian University (P.K.Kennedy@gcu.ac.uk)
Staff editorial contact: Joseph Parry (JParry@rowman.com)