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Radical Subjects in International Politics
The series uses the idea of political subjection to promote the discussion and analysis of individual, communal, civic and participation and activism. Radical subjects refers both to the character of the topics and issues tacked in the series and to the ethic guiding the research. The series has a radical focus in that it provides a springboard for the discussion of activism that sits outside or on the fringes of institutional politics, yet which, insofar as it reflects a commitment to social change, is far from marginal. In a period marked, on the one hand, by a growing disengagement from parliamentary democracy and, on the other, by extraparliamentary activism (evidenced in struggles for global justice, ecological campaigning, local community projects and the embrace of utopian aspirations), the series provides a platform for scholarship that interrogates modern political movements, probes the local, regional and global dimensions of activist networking and the principles that drive them, and develops innovative frames to analyse issues of exclusion and empowerment.

Editor(s): Ruth Kinna
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