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Faith and Politics: Political Theology in a New Key
“Political Theology” is a theme which straddles two major areas of inquiry: political philosophy and theology, or differently phrased: the realms of secular politics and the sacred. The relation is marked by difference, sometimes by tension or conflict. During the past century, such conflict reached a boiling point when the Nazi regime sought to coopt or integrate the Christian population. In opposition to this attempt, a “Confessing Church” was formed which, under the leadership of Karl Barth, issued the Barmen Declaration (May 31, 1934) which insisted on the independence of faith from political power structures while, at the same time, guarding against the pure “privatization” of faith. In our time, it is important to remember this precedent because there are strong tendencies to push religion into similar dilemmas. This series will launch new investigations into the relations between faith and politics on a broad ecumenical and global level. Its guiding question will be, “to what extent do different theologians or different political theologies make possible the prospect of a divinely sanctioned ‘kingdom’ of peace and justice?”

The series may add these and other volumes:
“Thy Kingdom Come: The Meaning of Barmen Today”
Political Theology of Karl Barth
Political Theology of Paul Tillich
Political Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Catholic Political Theology
Liberation Theology
Islamic Political Theology
Hindu Political Theology,
Buddhist Political Theology

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