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Psychoanalytic Studies: Clinical, Social, and Cultural Contexts
Psychoanalytic Studies seeks psychoanalytically informed works addressing the implications of the location of the individual in clinical, social, cultural, historical, and ideological contexts. Innovative theoretical and clinical works within psychoanalytic theory and in fields such as anthropology, education, and history are welcome. Projects addressing conflict, migrations, difference, ideology, subjectivity, memory, psychiatric suffering, physical and symbolic violence, power, and the future of psychoanalysis itself are welcome, as are works illustrating critical and activist applications of clinical work.

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Advisory Board: John Adlam, Ricardo Ainslie, Ana Archangelo, Claude Barbre, Deborah Britzman, Marilyn Charles, Sudhir Kakar, Ingo Lambrecht, Lynne Layton, Luis Martin Cabrera, Alex Moore, Joseph Newirth, Cora Smith, Silvia Silberman, Annie Stopford, Peter Taubman, Ross Truscott, Kirkland Vaughans, Angie Voela, Valerie Walkerdine, and Brent Willock.
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