Policing Perspectives and Challenges in the 21st Century
In many respects, policing has evolved over the last two centuries; yet issues that concerned policing in the 19th and 20th centuries continue to be salient to contemporary law enforcement. But how these challenges are manifest to the police today are distinct, as society and politics, too, have evolved. And so understanding the role of police in society, the behavior and organization of law enforcement, the relationship between officers and civilians, and the intersection of theory and praxis remain important to the study of police. To this end, volumes in this series will consider policing perspectives and challenges in the 21st century, around the world, and through a variety of disciplinary lenses. Ultimately, this series “takes stock” of policing today, considers how it got here, and projects where it might be going. Policing Perspectives and Challenges in the 21st Century will be of interest and use to a variety of policing scholars, including academics, police executives, and others who study law enforcement.

Editor(s): Jonathon A. Cooper (ggss@iup.edu)
Staff editorial contact: Becca Rohde (brohde@rowman.com)
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