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Peace and Conflict Studies
Within a global context, this interdisciplinary series advances the work of recognized scholars in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) as well as emerging and marginalized voices. Peacebuilding and conflict transformation are activities that address the world’s wicked problems—a task that requires a broad range of global actors. The series seeks a balance of western and non-western approaches to peacebuilding and conflict resolution practice, and a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to peace and conflict studies is encouraged. Particular interest is placed on scholarship and practice developing in the Two-Thirds World. As an integrated field of study and practice it incorporates a substantial number of sub-disciplines: alternative dispute resolution, conflict analysis and resolution, peacebuilding, human rights, social justice, reconciliation and forgiveness, narrative and peacemaking, indigenous peacemaking, gender, and religion, among others.

Editor(s): Thomas G. Matyók, Sean Byrne, and Jessica Senehi
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