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Breaking Boundaries: New Horizons in Gender & Sexualities
Breaking Boundaries is meant to expand the horizons of mainstream and academic understandings of sex, gender, and sexualities. While the last few decades have witnessed increased attention to some areas of sex, gender, and sexualities, mainstream and academic focus has been generally limited to focus on cissex males and females, cisgender women and men, monosexual gay/lesbian/straight, and monogamous individuals, groups, and experiences. Building on the groundwork laid by these traditions, Breaking Boundaries focuses on other arenas of sex, gender, and sexual identities, practices, relationships, experiences, and inequalities too often missing from existing mainstream and academic discussions of sex, gender, and sexualities. These arenas include, but are not limited to:

Bi / Pan / Multi Sexualities
Transgender Studies
Consensual Nonmonogamies
Non-binary Studies
Kink Studies
Sexual and Gender Fluidity Studies
LGBTQIA People of Color Studies
LGBTQIA Disabilities Studies
Critical Studies of Normativities
Reproductive Sexualities
Child-free Lifestyles
Intersex Studies
LGBTQIA (Non)Religious Studies

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