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Foundations of Multicultural Education
The series focuses on explicating subject area- and grade level-specific multicultural curriculum transformation geared for PK-12 pre-service teacher education and in-service teacher professional development. It is geared towards PK-12 public school educators and administrators, as well as for teacher educators. However, the series is appropriate for all PK-12 teaching and learning contexts in which critical engagement of diversity is foundational in assuring educational equity and excellence for all students.

There is a great need for contemporary, comprehensive, and teacher-friendly resources that provide concrete subject- and grade-specific examples for how to go about transforming mainstream, traditional, and/or Eurocentric curriculum. In particular, resources that “work” for PK-12 public school teachers, regardless of the specific standards and/or standardization culture of their schools, are needed. Because standards and related culture change frequently, it is also important that these resources are flexible enough to allow for pre- and in-service adaptation of them to their particular teaching contexts. As PK-12 public school student and parent populations around the country continue to become more and more diverse while both teacher candidate and veteran teacher diversity remains largely stagnant, resource rigor is more crucial than ever. Pre- and in-service teachers need specialized developmental support to be able to effectively adapt curriculum that is authentically multicultural, promotes teacher reflection, and, therefore, meaningfully addresses the key goal of PK-12 education—the education of our nation’s youth.

The series invites PK-12 teachers and teacher educators to share their experiences and expertise in developing sociopolitically-located multicultural curricular approaches for teaching in content- and grade-level specific manners.

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