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The Levant and Near East: A Multidisciplinary Book Series
The Levant and Near East series publishes works reflecting the region’s hybridity and offers new perspectives on an area in permanent transformation. This series studies the Near East from a broad, diverse, inclusive, and multi-disciplinary purview, with the aim of bringing into focus its larger conceptual, geographic, social, linguistic, and cultural settings. In line with its commitment to this “ecumenical” approach, The Levant and Near East series is designed to clearly, accurately, comprehensively, and objectively present research in a variety of Near Eastern studies sub-fields and disciplines—examining narratives, histories, cultures, ideas, and intellectual traditions often overlooked in traditional scholarship. This series’ objective is, therefore, to deal with the Levant and the Mediterranean from the perspective of Middle Eastern studies, cultural and intellectual history, political science, religion, philology, anthropology, linguistics, literature, security studies, women studies, and other disciplines of the humanities and social science, with the aim of advancing an inclusive, deep understanding of the Near East countries, and casting a broad look at the region beyond soothing familiar settings and prevalent dominant models.

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Advisory Board: Marius Deeb, Randy Geller, Rachel Harris, William Harris, Asher Kaufman, Michael Kerr, Tomer Levi, Holli Levitsky, Avigdor Levy, Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, Kanan Makiya, John Myhill, Camille Pecastaing, Arkadiusz Plonka, Uzi Rabi, Robert Rabil, Itamar Rabinovich, Nadim Shehadi, Madalina Vartejanu-Joubert.
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