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Latinos and American Politics
Latinos and American Politics is concerned with the role Latinos, of all national origins and races, play in the American political process. Latinos are the largest minority group in the United States and have become the single most important group in presidential politics. This series, interdisciplinary in nature, seeks to advance the knowledge of Latino politics in the academy. The series includes works that focus on racial identities and their impact on intra-Latino relations and politics, Latina politics broadly defined to include the politics of gender, institutional and identity politics, electoral politics, community level politics and activism, the shifting types of politics Latinos have played in order to have their agendas entertained by political institutions, the behavior of Latina/o politicians, and the effects of the Civil Rights Acts on the political participation of Latinos. Contributors are encouraged to submit book length manuscripts that encompass besides the above named topics those focusing on gender, identity, racial politics and all areas of public policy.

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