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Health and Aging in the Margins
Health and Aging in the Margins will expand the horizons of mainstream and academic understandings of living and aging at the intersection of diverse health experiences and marginalized biographies. Interest in life course perspectives on health and aging has expanded dramatically in recent decades. However, most attention to this topic in extant academic books has focused on more dominant social and cultural groups. This series will build on groundwork laid by these traditions to focus explicitly on the health and aging experiences of marginalized people and groups. These specific topic areas may include, but are not limited to:

Racism and People of Color
Stigmatized Conditions
First Generation Students
Adoption and Donor Conception
Religious and Spiritual Minorities
Working Class Lives
Intimate Partner Violence
Homelessness and Housing Insecurity
Rare Diseases
Contested Disorders
Social and Intellectual Differences
Progressive Diseases
Trans and Nonbinary Experiences
Immigrant and Migrant Families
Intersex Lives
Gay / Lesbian / Bi / Pan Sexualities
Transgender Studies
Consensual Nonmonogamies
Early Mortality
Kink Practitioners
High Risk Occupations
Community and Police Violence
Ethnic Discrimination
Invisible Disabilities
Sexism and Feminism
Hate Crimes and Survivorship
Food Insecurity
Sizeism and Fatphobia
Dementia and Cognitive Impairment
Communication Differences
Infertility and Sterilization

Overall, the series will center ethnographic and narrative approaches to exploring and understanding the health and aging experiences of marginalized populations. Recruitment of authors will focus strongly on amplifying the voices of scholars who themselves have experienced intersectional marginalization, and who engage those elements of their personal biography in scholarly activity.

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