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Globalization and Its Costs
The last two decades of the 20th century witnessed drastic political and economic changes of tremendous importance. As the sole superpower in world affairs, the U.S. has used its economic and military power to shape the rest of the world in its own image. Hence the need to develop a balanced, just, and holistic approach not only to meet the narrow trade and finance interests of developed democracies but also to encompass other crucial global concerns such as environmental degradation, human rights, immigration, private and public governance, poverty, income inequality, and political instability—issues and challenges directly or indirectly connected to human security. Failure to manage the process and strike a balance between its political and economic facets will create more Talibans, Al-Baghdadis of Islamic State in Iraq, and other global disorders. Though globalization has elevated hundreds of millions of people around the world from dire poverty, it has posed new challenges to humanity. Globalization and Its Costs will include analytical and empirical work from scholars in a comparative context. Topics should be of current interest, interdisciplinary and policy-oriented, and broadly related to human security and sustainable development paradigms.

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