Foreign Policies of the Middle Powers | Rowman & Littlefield
Foreign Policies of the Middle Powers
This series publishes studies that offer sophisticated theorizing about middle powers and cutting edge empirical analysis of middle powers in action, today as well as in distant history. It seeks to fill a mjaor gap in our understanding of world politics. The International Relations discipline has traditionally centered on the security policies of the great powers. This resulted in a theoretical neglect of middle or secondary powers. Middle powers often aspire to be great powers or happen to be ‘demoted’ great powers. This discrepancy between ambition and recognized status makes them difficult and often dangerous states to deal with. Global middle powers can also be regional great powers, enjoying leverage over regional security, diplomacy, economy, and technology. Middle powers can also be great powers in specific policy domains. A limited, traditional focus on the great powers prevents us from observing important power relations. In the 21st Century, the ‘ranks’ of middle powers have swollen to a size never seen before in international affairs. Nevertheless the topic of middle powers remains understudied and underestimated. This series seeks to remedy this issue.

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