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Education and Popular Culture
Education and Popular Culture provides a place for teachers and scholars to explore ways in which popular culture has been utilized for research and teaching purposes. The series editors believe that popular culture allows people to connect in meaningful ways and make sense of the world in which we live. The series is unique as it equally values practitioner-generated pieces on using mass/popular culture as it does theoretician-oriented pieces on studying mass/popular culture, as well as works that exist in the intersections between these worlds. Works in this series take up issues surrounding popular culture in education broadly through pedagogical, historical, sociological, and critical lenses.

Editor(s): Ludovic A. Sourdot (; Edward Janak (
Staff editorial contact: Judith Lakamper (
Educational Theory in British Children’s Literary Classics: Teaching and Learning Down the Rabbit Hole
Lexington Books • May 2021 • Monograph
Reframing Sex: Unlearning the Gender Binary with Trans Masculine YouTube Vloggers
Lexington Books • November 2020 • Monograph
Education and the Female Superhero: Slayers, Cyborgs, Sorority Sisters, and Schoolteachers
Lexington Books • December 2019 • Monograph