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Ethnographies of Religion
As religion pushes towards an uncertain late-modern world rife with contradictions, and as modern rationality unevenly blends with supernatural beliefs, this series will focus on spatial and temporal practices of embodied religious experience in the (post)modern world. Works in the series will move beyond the hard world of maps and demographics of researchers who chart the quantitative spread of religions, and into religious spaces and places where people actively make meanings and responses to their structural conditions. Taking seriously the assertion of Michele de Certeau that “what maps cut up, the story cuts across,” this book series looks for creative ethnographic styles to travel the soft, malleable, and bending spaces with those engaged in religious practices as it occurs in time and space. The importance of connecting history, structure, culture, and biography offers insight into the dialectical role of religion in the modern world, one that is expected to yield highly surprising results. The ethnographic approaches taken throughout this series will take into account the public and private spaces of religious experience where the visible and invisible, mundane and transcendent, ecstatic and frightful, and myopic and reflexive worlds burst from the scenes of social life into the pages of this series.

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