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Empires and Entanglements in the Early Modern World
An extraordinary pattern of state and empire building across Eurasia and the Atlantic basin in the early modern period inaugurated a new era in world history characterized by ongoing cross-cultural engagement among peoples from around the globe. The monographs and edited collections published in the Empires and Entanglements in the Early Modern World series will pursue particular historical themes that illuminate these interactive dimensions in the early modern world. These studies either take a comparative approach to commensurate historical developments in various parts of the world or examine trans-regional patterns and forces that brought together different societies and communities. This series seeks to go beyond essentialist approaches that treat regions and oceans as self-contained, insular cultural spaces to stress interconnectedness in a paramount age of imperial expansion. We therefore welcome proposals and manuscripts on cultural, religious, intellectual, and environmental themes that show connections and conjunctures across territories and oceans or undertake comparisons within particular regions and maritime basins.

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Genoa's Freedom: Entrepreneurship, Republicanism, and the Spanish Atlantic
Lexington Books • February 2020 • Monograph
Johann Reinhold Forster and the Making of Natural History on Cook's Second Voyage, 1772–1775
Lexington Books • September 2019 • Monograph
English Trade and Adventure to Russia in the Early Modern Era: The Muscovy Company, 1603–1649
Lexington Books • April 2019 • Monograph