Expansion and Internationalization of Higher Education in Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East | Rowman & Littlefield
Expansion and Internationalization of Higher Education in Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East
This series is an interdisciplinary examination of the development of Western-style educational institutions outside Europe and North America. It welcomes approaches across academic disciplines, but most notably politics, economics, sociology, and educational theory, which focus either on the development of higher education in specific regions, or similarities and differences between educational projects between regions. Volumes in the series may choose to interrogate the history of the development of these branches and foreign campuses, the political impetus for their development, the sociological effects of the rise of foreign campuses in Asia and Africa, and/or the specific pedagogical challenges faced by practitioners in these institutions. This series particularly welcomes critical reflections about the role of these institutions as imperial projects or as expansions of Western hegemony, or, conversely, reflections on the relationships between universities and non-democratic regimes, including texts which engage with how the norms of academic life have been modified by the locus of education abroad.

Editor(s): Kevin Gray & Hassan Bashir
Advisory Board: Adeela Arshad-Ayaz, Concordia University; Fatima Badry, American University of Sharjah; Zohreh Eslami, Texas A&M University of Qatar; Michael Gow, Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool; Stephen L. Keck, Emirates Diplomatic Academy; M. Ayaz Naseem, Concordia University; Mark Rush, Washington and Lee University; John Ryder, American University of Malta; John Willoughby, American University; Karen E. Young, Arab Gulf States Institute
Staff editorial contact: Joseph Parry (JParry@rowman.com)
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Western Higher Education in Global Contexts
Lexington Books • October 2018 • Monograph