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Ethics, Corruption, and Governance
This interdisciplinary series seeks to contribute to building a body of knowledge about ethics and integrity in governance and about corruption and other ethical failures. The purpose is to examine the nature of governmental ethics and how to promote it. The related purpose is to better understand the causes and consequences of public corruption and abuse of power and ways to design policies and interventions in the fight against unethical behavior. The series is open to a broad range of approaches including examination of issues or cases that add to and inform a wider academic discussion. Authors utilizing both qualitative and quantitative analysis and those focused on ethical breakdowns or advances in one or more governments (including state and local governments in the US), cross-national comparative studies, or examination of the global context are encouraged to submit book length manuscripts. Particular interest is in neglected or overlooked areas of study as well as those with innovative ideas that incorporate significant scholarship that is practitioner focused.

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