Explorations of Collegiate Athletics
Conversations concerning collegiate athletics are dominated by journalists who focus almost singularly upon football and men's basketball programs populating the NCAA's Division I “Power Five” conferences. Almost no scholarly attention focuses on athletics as a whole, with little attention of any kind expended on sports beyond those two. As a result, most iterations of the student-athlete experience go under-assessed and thus under-appreciated for the vast array of qualities defining them.Explorations of College Athletics fills this void by focusing on the unique qualities defining college athletics as a whole and, in particular, the association's Division III. We thus invite contributions ranging from empirical studies of the student-athlete experience to philosophical conversations concerning amateur athletics. In this way, scholars reflecting a wide variety of disciplines and research methodologies are welcomed as possible contributors. Those methodologies will thus serve as the foundation for the material presented in each volume. At the same time, the writing style in each title will lend itself to being accessible and of practical use to a wide array of constituents with vested interests in this unique yet unexplored model of collegiate athletics.

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