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Europe and the World
From the early days of the European Political Cooperation (EPC), the European Union (EU) has emerged as a significant foreign policy and security actor. In a rapidly changing world, the EU faces a series of foreign policy and security challenges. This book series explores how the EU (and beforehand the European Community (EC)) has addressed and is meeting those challenges. This series welcomes contributions that address all aspects of the EC's/EU's external relations. We are interested in manuscripts that analyze the formulation and implementation of the EU's policies with specific countries or with various regions of the world. We also seek books that examine the role of the Union: in global governance and multilateral security structures, the promotion of human rights and international law, the protection of the environment, as a normative actor in the international arena, as a global economic player, and in the prevention, management, and resolution of international conflicts.This series will target multiple audiences—senior level undergraduate and post-graduate courses, the policy-making community, civil society organizations, and those with a general interest in the EU. Proposals and manuscripts are invited from a variety of disciplines: European studies, international relations, strategic studies, political science, economics, international law, and communication studies. Manuscripts should be single or co-authored, with edited volumes only considered in exceptional circumstances.

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