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Democratic Dilemmas and Policy Responsiveness
Public policy issues divide societies around the world, with resulting tensions that threaten the fabric of social cohesion and certain norms of empathy, compassion, and civility. Today, such hot button issues as poverty, refugee integration, immigration, and others are the source for implicit and explicit debate concerning the “fitness” and “worthiness” of some individuals and groups of individuals to be one with society. In social and democratic terms, some citizens are included-in and some are included-out. This series consists of books that address the democratic dilemmas that arise with desire to be responsive through policy to competing values, interests, and positions. Special attention will be given to local governance, where divisions often manifest most clearly, but works that address higher levels of government will also be included in the series. Accepted titles will be sole- or co-authored monographs or edited volumes, with emphasis on deep case analysis, comparative case studies, comparative empirical studies, or theoretical explorations.

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