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Children and Youth in Popular Culture
The Children and Youth in Popular Culture series features works that interrogate the various representations of children and youth in popular culture, as well as the reception of these . The series is international in scope, recognizing the transnational discourses about children and youth that have helped shape modern and post-modern childhoods and adolescence. This series also recognizes that too often “popular culture” is a buzz word for “Western” culture. One of the unique goals of this series is to expand that definition to include children and youth in popular cultures that are positioned beyond the West. The scope of the series ranges from such subjects as gender, race, class, and economic conditions and their global intersections with issues relevant to children and youth and their representation in global popular culture: children and youth at play, geographies and spaces (including World Wide Web), material cultures, adultification, sexuality, children of/in war, religion, children of diaspora, youth and the law, and more. Lexington's Children and Youth in Popular Culture series is a timely addition to current scholarship in the field of children and youth studies that also explores new areas in the study of the intersections of children and youth and popular culture, particularly in the growing study of globalization and its representations of children and youth, childhood and adolescence.

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