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Czech Theological Perspectives
This series aims to constitute a distinguished forum for research issuing from or concerning Czech theology in the broadest sense of this compound term. Examples of research sought and welcomed under this umbrella include: high quality original monographs and edited volumes presenting research conducted by Czech scholars, in Czech universities, or in Czech territory; research conducted by non-Czech scholars or outside of Czech universities and territory which examines contemporary or historical theological trends and events linked to the Czech lands, people, and church (such as the Bohemian Reformation, the legacy of Jan Hus, etc.); and scholarly translations of both contemporary research and works of enduring theological or historical value which aim to fill out the currently sparse anglophone resources on these same topics. While Anglophone discussion is well acquainted with the historical and theological contours of the Reformation in Western Europe (especially France, Switzerland, and Germany), it has yet to fully attend to the importance of Czech theological history and Czech voices in contemporary theology. Wider recognition that this history and these voices are important in their own right (and not merely as precursors to Luther or Calvin) drives the posture of inquiry, listening, and dialogue which this series aims to embody.

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