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Critical Perspectives on Music and Society
This book series produces books that present a critical perspective on popular music and the music industry. Two dominant strains of thought exist for the study of popular music. First, many texts in the popular culture tradition celebrate the artists, fans, and cultures that arise from popular music. Second, Music Industry Studies texts give students a “how-to” perspective on making it in the music industry. In both cases, texts rarely address the way that the music industry produces and reproduces power. The purpose of this book series is to provide a platform for authors who explore the social production of music; as such it is broadly interdisciplinary.
The series invites submissions by scholars from the fields of cultural studies, American studies, history, sociology, literature, communication, media studies, music, women’s studies, ethnic studies, popular culture, music industry studies, political science, economics, and history.

Specific topics addressed:
Musicians as Labor
Identity (Sex, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Disability, and Sexuality)
Critical Representations
Music Industry Studies
Music in the Global South
Production of Genres
New/Old Technologies
Sound Studies
Access inequalities to music production and consumption
Spaces of music production, creation, and consumption

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