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Lexington Studies in Islamic Thought
This series explores and examines a vast literature on understudied strands in Islamic thought. The series topics include, but not limited to, Qur’an and hadith studies, classical theological and philosophical doctrines, the human knowledge, law and tradition, law and legal reforms, tradition and renewal, Salafi thought, piety movements, neo-traditionalism, neo-liberalism, neo-reformism, neo-Islamism, cultural pluralism, and liberal and ethical humanism. Additional subjects for consideration are trends in contemporary Islamic thought such as democracy, justice, secularism, globalization, international relations, Islam and the West, and feminism. The volumes in the series examine, historicize, and analyze Muslim intellectual responses to the various trends of Islamic thought that have been understudied in Western scholarship. This series makes an important and timely literature available to the English reader.

Editor(s): Hussam S. Timani (hussam.timani@cnu.edu)
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