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Comparative International Development
Comparative International Development seeks to publish innovative empirical and theoretical studies of the factors influencing social, political, and/or economic outcomes. Examples include manuscripts that chronicle national industrial/economic development over time or which analyze tensions between state and market, government policy/planning, foreign direct investment (FDI) or transnational corporations (TNCs). Critical analyses of outcomes, such as income, racial-ethnic or gender inequality, uneven development, core-periphery dependency relations, and environmental justice/degradation also are welcomed. The series encourages submissions by scholars from all social science disciplines. It is open to global, multinational, national and regional studies examining all geographic areas of the world. It invites cross-national comparisons, multidisciplinary studies, and research utilizing macro, integrative, or micro approaches.

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Advisory Board: Dimitry Anastakis, Mahyar Arefi, Samuel Cohen, Petr Pavlinek, Enrique Pumar, and Paul Waley
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