Critical Childhood & Youth Studies: Theoretical Explorations and Practices in Clinical, Educational, Social, and Cultural Settings | Rowman & Littlefield
Critical Childhood & Youth Studies: Theoretical Explorations and Practices in Clinical, Educational, Social, and Cultural Settings
Critical Childhood & Youth Studies is a scholarly series that is concerned with understanding the lived experiences of children and youth in economic, social, cultural, political and historical contexts, and addresses complex experiences only knowable through multidisciplinary lenses. We invite theoretical and field-based proposals that will contribute to the blurring of the lines between ‘action’, ‘research’, and practice, and that aim to extend our understanding of childhood and youth. The series seeks to address the following core questions: How do notions of childhood & youth differ across time and space? What new theories and methodologies can we employ to enhance our understanding and wellbeing of young people? What position and meaning is attributed to children and childhoods in/across different societies, and what are the public and political discussions concerning children’s general position in society? Is agency possible, or must children live in states of exception? What can it mean to theorize the conditions and processes through which children and young people embody a meaningful existence in light of the histories they inherit?

We seek to develop new thinking in anthropology, childhood & youth studies, critical media studies, education, history, humanities and the arts, literary studies, popular culture, postcolonial and posthumanist studies, psychoanalytic theory, sociology, sustainability studies, and critical race, class & sexuality studies, addressing the theoretical bases of childhood. Issues such as the body, conflict, migrations, inequality, difference, memory, place, sexuality, subjectivity, sustainability, physical and symbolic violence, power, structures of participation, and the possibilities of freedom and political participation by children may be explored.

We also seek to explore clinical, applied, and activist practices. The series seeks to problematize and address practices in childhood & youth subjectivity and possibility within the discursive frames within which lives are lived. Studies in early childhood settings, schools, and the clinic; studies of young people’s uses of popular culture, technology and social media; studies of displacement, and studies of the politicization of children’s bodies, minds, emotions, lived environments, and lived experiences are welcome.

Proposals for authored and edited books are invited. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary works welcome. Proposals may be sent to any of the editors for review.

Editor(s): Awad Ibrahim (, Gabrielle Ivinson (, Michael O’Loughlin (, and Marek Tesar (
Advisory Board: Jennifer Adair, Sonja Arndt, Marianne (Mimi) Bloch, Gail Boldt, Steven Bruhm, Erica Burman, Hannah Dyer, Giorgia Dona, Lisa Farley, Joanne Faulkner, Peggy Froerer, Lise Paulsen Galal, Madeleine Grumet, Janette Habashi, Lucia Hodgson, Richard Johnson, Julie Kaomea, Helen May, Zsuzsanna Millei, Leigh O’Brien, Carol Owens, Lacey Peters, Valerie Polakow, Elizabeth Quintero, Jenny Ritchie, Richard Ruth, Paula Salvio, Shilpi Sinha, Margaret Somerville, Kathryn Bond Stockton, Joseph Tobin, Mathias Urban, Honey Oberoi Vahali, Joseph Valente, Dan Woodman, and Handel Wright
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