Black Diasporic Worlds: Origins and Evolutions from New World Slaving | Rowman & Littlefield
Black Diasporic Worlds: Origins and Evolutions from New World Slaving
Black Diasporic Worlds is a humanities series whose publications highlight the transnational Africana experience that has resulted from and/or emerged alongside European exploits in the Americas. Additionally, it encompasses contemporary and comparative contexts that are a byproduct of multidirectional shifting of Africana people over space and time. Further, Black Diasporic Worlds as a series will represent works that query the transcultural and transnational understandings of contemporary articulation and impact of “Africana” in Europe and other geographies outside of the Americas. Thus, manuscripts focusing on Africana migration narratives, the Africana body as text, cross-cultural narratives in the Africana world, neo-historiographies of the Africana experience, slavery in the Africana world, to name a few, are of particular interest. Publications in this series will look at African derived people/populations/cultures/civilizations resulting from the economic and political dynamics of new world slaving and ways in which the aforementioned has informed their experiences, their nationalistic and racial orientations, and how their presence and histories have helped to shape the western world on both sides of the Atlantic. With regard to geographical scope, publications in this series will thus include works focusing on blacks in the Americas (this includes Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America) and blacks in Europe (for example, Afro-British, Afro-German, Francophone), and could conceivably extend to the experiences of blacks beyond the western world whose destinies have been shaped by the legacy or spillover of new world slaving (for instance, black migrations across Africa and the Middle East in response to the trans-Atlantic slave market).

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