Anglophone Lyric Poetry and Poetics
Scholarship on lyric poetry, a rich and thriving field, tends nonetheless to be divided along temporal and geographical lines. These divisions prevent vital intellectual exchange. This series seeks to unite the disparate strands of critical discourse on the lyric. It brings together studies of many time periods and national traditions, featuring a range of formal, historical, and theoretical methodologies. We invite proposals for monographs and edited collections on the lyric, broadly conceived. Manuscripts may engage with lyric theory, address the life and work of individual poets, and/or consider the lyric through a particular thematic lens. While our main focus is on poetry of the late eighteenth century to the present, written in or translated into English, transtemporal and transnational projects are welcome, as are those that cut across traditional disciplinary lines. We seek to give greater visibility to lyric studies across the spectrum of time and geography.

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