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New Directions in Applied Jewish Ethics
New Directions in Applied Jewish Ethics brings a global, interdisciplinary approach to Jewish ethics. Works in this series consider the relevance of the long tradition of Jewish ethics to pressing contemporary issues including climate catastrophe, extreme economic inequality, immigration, racial and gender justice, and new forms of antisemitism. The series welcomes work by new and established scholars in the social sciences and humanities, particularly ones from marginalized backgrounds, who offer fresh perspectives related to Jewish ethics and contemporary life.

Editor(s): Jennifer A. Thompson ( and Allison B. Wolf (
Advisory Board: Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University; Aaron J. Hahn Tapper, University of San Francisco; Leah Kalmanson, University of North Texas; Moses Pava, Ye-shiva University; Don Seeman, Emory University; Natasha Zaretsky, New York University.
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