Afrofuturist Studies & the Speculative Arts
Afrofuturist Studies & the Speculative Arts establishes the transdisciplinary study of speculative futures, arts, and approaches that intersect ethnicity, blackness, and indigeneity. Emerging from the social movements and arts of the Afrodiaspora, the speculative themes of Afrofuturism have inspired new perspectives, philosophies, and technologies of decolonization while shaping the evolution of the arts from popular music to science fiction. This series examines the global influence of Afrofuturism from popular culture to political movements, from literature, media, and philosophy to social sciences. We welcome proposals for monographs and edited collections that further our understanding of Afrofuturism, past, present, and future; and that advance the study of speculative futures across disciplines, cultures, and ethnicities. By cultivating rigorous and inventive approaches to scholarship, we encourage critical intersections with African Futurism, Indigenous Futurisms, LatinXfuturism, Sinofuturism, Arabfuturism, Subcontinental, Queer and other speculative futures. This series also seeks to further discourse around decolonizing philosophy and Afrofuturist Studies, from theory to praxis, through remix cultures and speculative design in media, arts, and performance. We are open to diverse perspectives from across the (post)humanities and social sciences, including emergent and radical discourses addressing all aspects of media, sound, literature, culture, ecology, gender, and race.

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Dr. tobias c. van Veen is Visiting Professor in Humanities at Quest University, with doctorates in Communication Studies and Philosophy from McGill University. His research addresses philosophy of race, sound, and technology in critical media studies, and he has published widely on Afrofuturism, posthumanism, and electronic dance music cultures (EDMC). A prolific editor and writer, he has piloted founding Afrofuturist anthologies and Journal editions into publication for over twenty years. Since 1993 tobias has exhibited with galleries and festivals worldwide as a media/sound artist and curator, photographer and filmmaker, working with the Black Speculative Arts Movement, New Forms Festival, MUTEK, TheUpgrade!, The Society for Art and Technology (SAT), the Mobile Digital Commons Network and others. He hosts the Other Planes: Afro/Futurism podcast on and spins vinyl at

Dr. Lonny J. Avi Brooks is Associate professor of Strategic Communication at California State University, East Bay. As a leading voice of Afrofuturism 2.0, Brooks develops an Afrocentric perspective that champions Black storytelling, gaming, and imagination to push beyond the colonial mindset into an expanded vision of possible futures. His research addresses futurism, new media, and race, working with forecasting think tanks, youth groups, and professionals to envision the future of better societies through media and information technologies. Through his work with the Long Term and Futures Thinking in Education Project, Black Speculative Arts Movement, The Afrofuturist Podcast with Ahmed Best, The Institute for the Future, Fathomers, Dynamicland and others, Brooks aims to diversify and democratize the building of the future.

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