Anthropology of Kinship and the Family
Kinship relations provide the foundation for human systems of social organization. The key to kinship as a system of social relations is found in the structural organization of terms related to kinship. The Anthropology of Kinship and the Family series is based on the notion that what is important about a kinship terminology is not the terms as linguistic symbols, but rather the underlying ideas, which are manifested in all aspects of the behavior of individuals involved in kin relationships. This stance encourages the development in kinship studies of explanations for the social and conceptual power that kinship terminologies have long have long been understood as possessing. This series will include scholarly monographs and edited collections that focus on both old topics associated with kinship, such as family organization and rules of marriage, as well as new approaches to the study of kinship systems, including fresh insights on how to make the study of kinship systems more informative.

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