Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections | Rowman & Littlefield
Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections
Each book will consist of an introduction and approximately ten case studies of innovative approaches to an aspect of archival practice. Each case study will follow a uniform outline, along the lines of: a description of the problem, process that needed improvement or opportunity that sparked the case study’s topic; discussion of possible approaches considered, and why one was selected; a clear and engaging narrative of how the project or effort was implemented, as well as the steps taken to get it off the ground (including specific technologies and equipment used, techniques, staff training, etc.), and a description of resources (staff, funds, time) required; how the implemented project/effort was received by archives staff, management and users and how the archives assessed the success of the project; discussion of “lessons learned,” including changes to be incorporated into future iterations of the project, observations about what was successful, as well as advice to archivists seeking to start or expand similar projects; and planned next steps for your organization.

Editor(s): Kate Theimer