It Happened to Me | Rowman & Littlefield
It Happened to Me
This series is designed for the inquisitive youth searching for answers to life's most difficult questions related to social issues, certain illnesses, or lifestyles. Whether these young people are well into their teen years or just entering them, they will gravitate to these books because of their direct, up-to-date information, riveting teen views, and lively illustrations. Besides highlighting singular facts, each book offers the latest reading lists, web sites, and an index for quick reference. Perfect for browsing, there's loads of expert information by acclaimed writers to help parents, guardians, and especially teens understand the tough challenges that many teens face while growing up. Top 10 Nonfiction Series 2004, Booklist The informative books in this series are designed to answer teen questions on lifestyle, illness, and social issues. These easy-to-browse, proactive, and enlightening books are great tools for teens as well as parents, guardians, and librarians. They include tips from both respected professionals in the field and fellow teens, making them a good addition to school and public libraries serving middle and high school students. In addition, each selection offers reading lists and related Web sites. -VOYA, June 2009

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