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Indigenous Archaeologies Series
The aim of the Indigenous Archaeologies Series is to access contemporary developments in Indigenous archaeology, increasing the profile, intellectual depth and growth of this area of archaeology. This is an area full of stimulating debates that are producing methodological and theoretical advances in the discipline. We are interested in the application of archaeological method & theory to questions of Indigenous archaeology, how the approach in this subfield varies from usual applications and why the variation was necessary to take in Indigenous concerns or issues. This is an exciting period for Indigenous archaeology, given the way in which it is changing to integrate the theories and methods of Indigenous peoples, as part of the decolonisation of the discipline. This series of primarily authored books normally will present the results of original research. While it will draw primarily upon work conducted in the Americas, Australasia and Southern Africa, it also will encompass the results of research undertaken in any of the 72 countries that have Indigenous populations. Royalties from these books are donated to the World Archaeological Congress, to support the travel of Indigenous people to WAC conferences. The reach of this series goes beyond Indigenous archaeology, as the ethical practice of archaeology has the potential to touch on general questions relating to social justice and human rights. The books in this series explore some of the ways in which archaeology can be made more socially responsible. The Indigenous Archaeologies Series is committed to the promotion of Indigenous Voice and the empowerment of Indigenous peoples.

Editor(s): C. Smith, J. Watkins, M. Wobst, L. Zimmerman, D. Lippert