Survive | Rowman & Littlefield
Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or tucked into your backpack, the Survive series books are the must-have item to keep with you in case you find yourself S.O.L. on the side of a mountain surrounded by steep cliffs, shivering in a snow embankment far from home, or frying in the deadly heat of the afternoon sun in the middle of the desert. Topics covered in the Survive series books including administering basic first-aid, building shelter, finding food and water, and preparing yourself to be mentally tough during the survival situation. While not intended to be 100 percent comprehesnsive, these books offer alll of the absolute essential information needed to get you home safely. Complete with photos illustrating the necessary step-by-steps, the Survive series books may help you do just that--survive.

Editor(s): David Legere
Survive: Snow Country
Falcon Guides • December 2016 • Trade
Survive: Mountains
Falcon Guides • April 2016 • Trade