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Scenic Driving
SCENIC DRIVING Pack up the car and enjoy dozens of separate drives through some of America's loveliest states and regions. These indispensable highway companions map out short trips for exploring scenic byways and back roads, from coastal waters to mountains. Join an expert local author on a journey of discovery through the area's colorful history, ecological and topographical diversity, and magnificent beauty. Along the way, stop and explore out-of-the way attractions, great sports destinations, vibrant communities, and numerous historic sites and museums. Series specs: $15.95 US / $17.95 CAN • World • Paper • 6 x 9 • 24/CTN • GPP Travel • Travel ALSO AVAILABLEScenic Driving Alaska & the Yukon, 2nd978-0-7627-3634-8 • $15.95US/$21.95 CANScenic Driving Arizona, 3rd978-0-7627-5054-2 • $15.95US/$19.95 CANScenic Driving California, 2nd978-0-7627-3481-8 • $15.95US/$23.95 CANScenic Driving Colorado, 3rd978-0-7627-4791-7 • $15.95US/$17.95 CANScenic Driving Florida, 3rd978-0-7627-5055-9 • $16.95US/$21.50 CANScenic Driving Indiana978-1-56044-906-5 • $14.95US/$23.95 CANScenic Driving New Mexico, 3rd01/2011 • 978-0-7627-6044-2 • $14.95US/$16.95 CANScenic Driving Montana, 2nd978-0-7627-3030-8 • $14.95US/$16.95 CANScenic Driving New England, 2nd978-0-7627-4060-4 • $16.95US/$23.95 CANScenic Driving North Carolina, 2nd978-0-7627-4061-1 • $15.95US/$21.95 CANScenic Driving Oregon, 2nd978-0-7627-3032-2 • $14.95US/$21.95 CANScenic Driving South Carolina, 2nd01/2011 • 978-0-7627-4792-4 • $14.95US/$16.95 CANScenic Driving Tennessee978-0-7627-1138-3 • $16.95US/$26.95 CANScenic Driving the Ozarks, 2nd978-0-7627-3034-6 • $14.95US/$18.95CANScenic Driving Washington978-1-56044-577-7 • $15.95US/$19.95CANScenic Driving West Virginia978-0-7627-1137-6 • $14.95US/$23.95CANScenic Driving Yellowstone and GrandTeton National Parks, 2nd978-0-7627-3036-0 • $15.95US/$21.95CA