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Quick Escapes From
quick escapes® from The Best Weekend Getaways Gone are the days of two-week vacations. People today are taking mini-vacations throughout the year. And when they have a few days to get away, why should they spend half their time preparing? Quick Escapes® From guides free travelers from the details and puts them on the road to an enjoyable time away from home. Inside they'll find 12 to 15 carefully planned 36- or 48-hour getaways within driving distance of a major metropolitan area.These guides offer enough variety to suit every budget and taste. From dining and lodging to attractions and events, and with maps for every itinerary, this series is a ticket to the perfect getaway. Series specs: $14.95 US / $16.95 CAN • World • Paper • 224pp • 5 1/4 x 7 1/8 • 24/CTN • GPP Travel • Travel also availableQuick Escapes® Atlanta, 4th978-0-7627-2516-8 • $13.95US/$19.95CANQuick Escapes® Dallas/Fort Worth, 7th978-0-7627-6042-8 • $14.95US/$16.95CANQuick Escapes® Denver, 4th978-0-7627-3022-3 • $13.95US/$19.95CANQuick Escapes® From Houston978-0-7627-5400-7 • $14.95 US/$16.95 CANQuick Escapes® From Orange County978-0-7627-6043-5 • $14.95 US/$16.95 CANQuick Escapes® From San Francisco,7th978-0-7627-5404-5 • $14.95US/$18.95CANQuick Escapes® Las Vegas, 2nd978-0-7627-3691-1 • $13.95US/$19.95CANQuick Escapes® Los Angeles, 7th978-0-7627-4219-6 • $13.95US/$17.95CANQuick Escapes® Minneapolis-St. Paul,4th978-0-7627-3023-0 • $13.95US/$19.95CANQuick Escapes® From New York City,8th978-0-7627-5402-1 • $14.95 US/$16.95 CANQuick Escapes® Pacific Northwest, 8th978-0-7627-4433-6 • $13.95US/$17.95CANQuick Escapes® From Philadelphia,4th978-0-7627-5403-8 • $14.95 US/$16.95 CANQuick Escapes® From Portland, OR978-0-7627-5405-2 • $14.95 US/$16.95 CANQuick Escapes® San Diego, 3rd978-0-7627-1237-3 • $15.95US/$25.50CANQuick Escapes® St. Louis, 2nd978-0-7627-2475-8 • $15.95US/$25.50CANQuick Escapes® From Washington,D.C., 7th978-0-7627-5407-6 • $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN