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The newest addition to a revolutionary series, Rome Walks gives the sensation of being given a personal tour of the Eternal City by a lifelong resident. It illustrates each walk with four full-color, aerial-view, three-dimensional maps that evoke an immediate sense of what the walk is like and what will be seen along the way. The routes are comprehensive but not overwhelming, allowing users to easily connect neighborhoods, parks, and noteworthy sights at their own pace. Most walks are one to two hours in length and can be combined for longer walks as time permits, making them ideal for busy tourists or inquisitive locals. Lively, informative text gives accurate, discriminating information on all the must-sees, such as significant landmarks, and offers plenty of personal insights and advice—including where to eat, drink, and shop along the way. Full-color photos of top attractions round out the contents of this clear, easy-to-use guide. OTHER AVAILABLE ON FOOT GUIDESLondon Walks, 2nd ? 978-0-7627-4161-8New York Walks, 2nd ? 978-0-7627-4162-5Paris Walks, 2nd ? 978-0-7627-4160-1Prague Walks ? 978-0-7627-4844-0Venice Walks ? 978-0-7627-4845-7