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Disasters Series
(Series copy): Disasters and Heroic Rescues Tapping into the universal fascination with catastrophes, this new state-specific series presents dramatic true accounts of major disasters that have occurred over the past couple hundred years. Emphasizing the experiences of individuals who were involved in the events, the detailed narratives describe tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, floods, and other natural disasters, as well as shipwrecks, mine collapses, train wrecks, fires, bridge collapses, chemical explosions, disease epidemics, and other calamities affecting large numbers of people.Each engagingly written story reveals not only the circumstances surrounding the disaster and the magnitude of the devastation but also the courage and ingenuity displayed by those who survived and the heroism of those who helped others, often risking their own lives in rescue efforts. Excerpts from newspaper articles and personal letters of eye witnesses offer perspectives from those who were there, and photographs depicting the devastation and its aftermath help bring to life the enormity of the incidents. These books not only serve as a chronicle of the many non-war-related tragedies, many totally forgotten, that have darkened our history but are also a tribute to the human spirit of survival and solidarity in the face of adversity.